A 40 Day Pilgrimage to the Cross


16427334_1413750945323205_4685866563413403532_nContemplating the Cross

by Tricia Rhodes

Welcome To My Journey of A 40 day Pilgrimage of Prayer

I am so happy to have you join me on this 2018 Journey of Contemplating the Cross by Tricia Rhodes.  If you haven’t gotten your book yet and want to join me and others you can purchase it online in book form only from Amazon at  Contemplating the Cross    I hope you were able to start day one on February 14th,   how appropriate to be on Valentine’s Day.  The day of Love.  No greater love than this, our Fathers’ love for us.  

In the introduction of the book Tricia has a line that chills my soul to the bone.  It is:

“Today and every day, God the Father extends an invitation to us.  It is an eternal and unchanging summons to kneel in the shadow of that cross, where He sacrificed His only Son, and make it our souls’ home.”

I hope you have taken her advice and are keeping a journal of your prayers and thoughts.  I agree it will be a treasure.  Sharing with others along this journey will enhance what you are experiencing as much as others will be excited to hear about your discoveries.

In her prayer, Tricia writes

“May He touch your soul and brand you with the fire of His devotion as you contemplate the cross of Christ.”

As we journey together, let’s share what we have learned or felt as we go along.  Fill free to drop in at my blog to comment or add your thoughts daily or weekly or even just occasionally to let me know you are still reading.  Let me know if you like what you are reading or don’t agree with something.  Let’s discuss it.  My blog is online at:     www.RestInHisWord.com .  Right click and choose open link to take you right to my blog.  Go to the right side of the page and you can read the most recent blog posts or find another one that might sound interesting.  Scroll down and see on the right side also where you can follow me and receive my blog by email.  It will look something like this:


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To post a comment you will need to “Join” WordPress by entering a password.  That is just so I can know who is posting.  Nothing will happen and you aren’t asked to pay anything.  Just means we can talk back and forth to each other through this blog.

Blessings and more to you as we Contemplate the Cross together.




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New to blogging, but have been doing Women's Interest like Bible Study for over 26 years now. Married, three boys, 5 grandkids. Love God's Word and helping Women discover the power in Jesus' name by getting together with them often. Monthly meeting called Seasoned Sisters.

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