Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

My friend Janie had loaned me my first Francine Rivers book when I started taking Precept Classes with Debbie Harris at Shadow Mountain. I think that was 2003.  Janie and her mom had read several so every few weeks I would bring one back and trade it for another. I cannot recall all of the names of the books that first year or two that I swapped with them but I bet it was 10 or more books.

I can say I came to love anything Rivers wrote. I could see something or relate to something that all of her characters were living or doing or had endured or were facing. I have read well over 20 of her books and now rereading them again.

She is my favorite author. She writes Christian Fiction like no other. Bringing God and how He works in others’ lives that gives HOPE to the character and to the reader. Her characters are so real you will end a book missing them, wanting to be with them again, like a sister or mother. You are part of the story.

If this is your first time reading FR you are in for a real treat, a journey you will take with Sarah first, then Angel & Mara and Michael. If you are rereading it again I am sure you will remember the story but now the second time or third time you will be more in tune to details and feeling of the characters and why they chose the paths that they did. You will see more of how God was in it all along the way.

I first read Redeeming Love in January 2005 and am eager to read it again with you. Well I hope I have whet your appetite just enough to get you started.

Some of you had to purchase your book and I hope by now all of you have it in hand.

I am so happy you want to join me in this new adventure I am taking. With a break from my Precept class I felt I wanted to try blogging so here is my first attempt as I hopefully inspire you and encourage you to read along with me and a few others.

I hope you will also join in by commenting and replying to others as we do this as a community.

Feel free to share with you daughters, sisters, moms, girlfriends that might like to read along with us. That will make all the more rewarding as we all talk about how the story goes or how it affects us.

I for one can tell you that I can relate to Sarah as a child, less to Angel and Mara in her days at the Palace, but then again as a new wife a way from all family and friends with a man I had only known for two weeks when we became partners. So feel free to share your thought as we go.

Author: shelleybea12153

New to blogging, but have been doing Women's Interest like Bible Study for over 26 years now. Married, three boys, 5 grandkids. Love God's Word and helping Women discover the power in Jesus' name by getting together with them often. Monthly meeting called Seasoned Sisters.

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