One Year does not Erase 10 25

Angel refused to defend herself against Paul.  What was the point?  She was polite. She was silent. She stood firm even when she wanted to run away and hide in a dark place where she could curl into a tight ball.

“I am not a harlot anymore.  I’m Not!”

Michael made her life meaningful.  He saw God in everything.  A quiet voice in her head said over and over,

Come forth, beloved.

Angel only saw Michael and worshiped him.  When he would read the bible every night, she was lost in his voice.  He made even the nonsense sound like poetry.

Talk of babies came up again.  How could it not?  Elizabeth was starting to show and little Ruthie asked Angel when was she going to have a baby?  Angel didn’t want to share with anyone that in her past that choice had been taken away from her by Duke’s Doctor.

Midwife?  Elizabeth started Angel with her asking for Angel to be her midwife.  Michael agreed it was a great idea and would be good for Angel.

After Michael’s reading in the bible one night Angel asked him about the young bride in the story.  Wondering why would a bride play the harlot for her husband?   Michael explained it was joyful for her husband to be aroused by her dancing. It pleased him.

“And your God says it’s all right to entice a man?”

Michael know that John Altman stared at her in the beginning.  And Paul.  Sometimes Michael wondered what when through Paul’s mind when he saw her?  Did it flash back to what happened between them on the way back to Pair-a-Dice?  He had to push those disturbing thought away, or they would torment him.

She knew Michael saw other men look at her, he say’s it doesn’t bother him.  They can see that she is a woman in love.  His love for her had purpose in his life.

Michael depended on the earth, the rains, the warmth of the sun.  And his God.

Especially his God.

“I would be dead by now rotting in a unmarked, shallow grave by now if Michael hadn’t come back for me.  I am so glad he did.  I’ll never do anything to make him sorry….. Oh, God, I swear”

The more Michael read the stories of the bible the words found their way into the deepest part of her, somewhere inside, a place shed been unable to close off and then one night as she lay next to Michael she heard a still quiet voice….

“I AM”

How many time have you swore the same thing as Angel?  Oh, it grieves me to say I have many times and then done just the opposite.  But like Angel I am so thankful someone came back to get me.  That someone is my God and Savior.  Has he been there for you even when you didn’t deserve it?

Do you know the great….I AM?







Author: shelleybea12153

New to blogging, but have been doing Women's Interest like Bible Study for over 26 years now. Married, three boys, 5 grandkids. Love God's Word and helping Women discover the power in Jesus' name by getting together with them often. Monthly meeting called Seasoned Sisters.

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