The Three Steps Out of Your Pit

WHO is the Life Boat Deliverer?

Pitching every other plan, you can opt for God. Oh, the wonder of the One who comes as Three!

You can opt for the Father who reigns as King over every intricate detail in the universe and can micromanage a complicated life like yours and mine.

You can opt for the Son who paid y0ur debt in full, not just to deliver you from earth to heaven when you die, but also for pit to pavement while you live.  In Him, you have the full right of sonship or daughership, including the right to live wildly in victory.

You can opt for the Holy Spirit who first hovered over the Genesis waters and brought order out of chaos.  The one who enables a people bereft of holiness to be holy by His very presence within them.

Beth feels, “if you are willing to engage God as your deliverer from the pit, the full-throttle relationship you develop with Him will be the most glorious thing that will ever happen to you.   Far more glorious than the deliverance itself.”

We Christians hold in our hands the incomparable Manual for life, bulging with instructions, reasons, and countless real, human examples to illustrate them.

One preacher hits us with 80% conviction and leave us wanting more than 20% of the cure.  We know something has to change, but we’ve got so many issues, we don’t know where to start.  We don’t even know who we are with out them.  We figure we deserve to get bruised or beat up at church.  We keep coming back.

Beth agrees that we long to know how to make us right again.  Everyone of us who authentically calls Jesus Lord has the right and power to be victorious.

We need lasting answers that don’t just target our behaviors.  We need answers that tap the power of heaven and change the thought and feeling that drive those behaviors.

Beth hopes her strong scripture based lessons and books are giving hope and offering some practical page-to-the-pavement answers.

She believes the Bible proposes three steps out of the pit, and each involves our mouth:

Cry Out

  • Crying out erupts from the deepest part of a person’s soul as if your life depends on it. It does.  Scripture reveals over and over God’s intervention coming as a direct response to someone crying out.  Psalm3:4, 9:9-12, 72:12, 106:44-45, 116:1-2.
  • Scripture proves that God more often waits until the challenge comes and the hurting cry out,  just as we see in Exodus 3:7-8.
  • We must wait on the Lord.  He usually waits for us to cry out so He can remove all doubt about who came to our rescue.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that God will forever be more interested in you knowing your Healer than experiencing His healing, and knowing your Deliverer than knowing your deliverance. The King of all creation wants to reveal Himself to you.  Bring Heaven to a standstill with your cry.  Get God’s attention, show Him you really mean it.


  • Your sins, but think wider.  Though it’s absolutely vital, confessing sin is not the only way we practice confession.
  • Agree with what God says about Himself and about us.
  • Don’t forget pride.  Pride contributes to the length of our stay in the pit.
  • Bitterness, anger, lack of forgiveness, coldness.
  • Examine your heart and see if, somewhere amid your loss of control, you sought to regain it with manipulation.
  • Ask yourself if you used your love as a weapon.
  • Ask God if there is anything you are overlooking.
  • Keep confessing every day, over and over until you accept God’s forgiveness over you confessions.
  • Believe Him for His forgiveness.  Live as if forgiven.
  • Cry out for Him and keep confessing.


  • The most beautiful part of the process of getting out of the pit.
  • It is God’s will for you.
  • God wants you out of the pit.  He wants you in victory. Out of defeat. Period.
  • So all you have to do is consent to what He already wants.
  • Believe it and have faith in it.
  • Speak out scripture, pray scripture out loud.  Your own faith will be built by hearing your own voice speak the words of Christ.
  • God’s Word carries its own supernatural power.  It’s His very breath on the page that, when you voice it, you release into your own circumstances.God-sky

Don’t let up when you begin to feel better.  The goal is freedom from the pit for the rest of your life.

Beth ends this chapter with great words to encourage us:  You have the power of the entire Godhead behind you.  You have the Fathers’ will, Son’s Word, and Holy Spirits way.  What more could you need?

How are you feeling about now?  I feel energized to once again believe that my God is bigger than my pits.  I will reach down deep to my core and continue to cry out for His help, to keep on confessing as I pray everyday, and then I will consent to do His Will.

Are you ready to do these three steps?  I can’t wait to see what is next.

See you then.




Author: shelleybea12153

New to blogging, but have been doing Women's Interest like Bible Study for over 26 years now. Married, three boys, 5 grandkids. Love God's Word and helping Women discover the power in Jesus' name by getting together with them often. Monthly meeting called Seasoned Sisters.

2 thoughts on “The Three Steps Out of Your Pit”

  1. Shelley,
    I chose to read this for a review of her book since I read it several years ago. Important steps to keep in mind every day!

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