Getting out of Your Pit


You can get out.  I mean you.  Can’t deal with it, you need to get out.

Here is the catch:  You can’t get yourself out. Remember the number 1 characteristic of a Pit?  Mud and mire.

You are stuck.  You can’t do it alone.

Two options: human help or opt for God.  Human help sound good.  You can see, hear, and respond to a person.  They can help.  But help alone is not what we’re talking about. Yes,  God meant for people to offer one another a helping hand.

The trouble comes when we insist upon someone equally human becoming our deliverer.  Physically they could pull you out but they can’t set your free.

The Word of God tells us God raised up men like Moses and Joshua as leaders, deliverers, yet the Nation still eventual defaulted to its old pattern.  Not trusting or believing God.

Isaiah 30:15 “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have  none of it.”

We are the same.  Rather than humble ourselves and do what is required for true protection and restoration, like the Israelites, we call upon Egyptian for protection.

Back stroking to Egyptian is a phrase I heard years ago to describe our journey of returning to human strength rather than leaning on the only true deliverer.  Read Isaiah: 30:1-3,5 for God response to Israel.

Try as much as we can, people simply can not by Devine.  Can’t set us free.  Can’t set our feet on a rock.

Human help allows us to be a victim.  Not God.  very thin.  He knows all we are, all we feel and all we hide.  God over flows with love and willingness to deliver us.

Again Isaiah 30:18 “The Lord longs to be gracious; He rises to show us compassion”  also “His love endures forever.”  We need a Deliver who is in for the long haul.  You and I need a strong and a long arm to reach to the bottom of our pit.

When we count on a person rather than God, and they grow tired and weary, they let you down.  You’ve worn them out.  It can be devastating.  Can ruin a relationship.

When a faithful friend hangs in there with you for months, even years, you might reason that at least they didn’t sell you off into slavery.  Well, yes they did.

That’s called “Codependency”.

In this scenario they jumped on the wagon to Egypt with you.  Luke 6:39 “Can the blind guide the blind?  Shall they not both fall into a pit? (ASV)

God has left us former pit-dwellers here on earth to have a tremendous impact over a life in the pit.

  • By example
  • By prayer
  • By encouragement
  • By directing them to Jesus
  • By sharing the wisdom God gave us.  Counseling and advice:  Remember Professional counseling is not your job.

Isaiah 43:11 “I, even I, am the Lord…apart from me there is no savior”.

Beth wonders if maybe you feel this chapter wasn’t meant for you.  Maybe you can’t think of a single time you made someone else responsible for your happiness…your wholeness…your fulfillment…your healing… your future.

Maybe the fog has cleared on a relationship you believed at one time would be a deliverance of sorts for you.  Instead, you were left disillusioned or disappointed when the person dropped the rope.

That is what happens when we use Human help rather than God’s.  Maybe you can allow God to bring you to the place to forgive that person for failing to be Jesus for you.

Or maybe you should fire someone who still insists on trying.  Maybe you, like me, can now forgive yourself for accidentally setting someone up for failure.  Maybe that some was you.  And maybe both of us could just let Jesus be Jesus.

Great chapter for me.  I have been on both ends of Codependency.  It’s not a fun place to be.  Your pit feel more like drowning with no help.  I am a recovering Codependent.  I consider it just as dangerous as an addict with a drug.  I have done several Celebrate Recovery type classes over the years.

My God had restored me and I see the pit falls and know now how to avoid them.  Praise God!  That’s just one pit.  I still have more.  Ugh!

Looking forward to your thoughts and comment.  See you Friday for Chapter 6.













When You Jump Into a Pit Chapter 4


Jumping or Diving?Follow my Blog as I journal from Beth Moore’s Book, Get Out of That Pit.  I post MWF follow by email in order not to miss even one lesson.

I love our lesson today, sounds like a love letter from a sister warning us of some danger. As we are all reading together from Get Out of That Pit, by Beth Moore, she hits us with the hard truth right away.


“Jumping in the pit is the Third and final way you can land in a pit.

Unlike the second route into a pit, you didn’t just slip in before you knew what was happening. You had time to think, and then you did exactly what you meant to do even if the pit turned out to be deeper and the consequences higher than you hoped.”

Beth assures us she’s “not talking down to us.  Just straight talk from a fellow pit-dweller.  If you are a confirmed pit-jumper, you’ve probably got a pretty serious authority problem over all.”

Self proclaimed, amateur psychologist Beth says, “That your primary authority figure was or is either a wimp or a fraud.”

God is neither.  He knows what it will take to get your attention, and He’s willing to do it.  Trust me, I know first hand. We all know the game we play with one another as we make excuses for our actions.

You ordinarily jump in a pit because you like the trip.  It looks good.  It feels good. Or it tastes good. “Like a drug,” Beth says, “it just doesn’t last long enough, which is why we come back and take the next trip.”

From experience, Beth tell us, “It almost killed me.  In fact did kill the old me.”

  • Job 33:29-30 says,
  • “God does all these things to a man-twice, even three times-to turn back his soul from the pit, that the light of life may shine on him.”

God brought Beth to a place where she was willing to do anything to get out of the pit and everything to stay out.  She remembers, “to be out of the mud and mire and have my feet upon a rock became what I wanted more than anything in the world.”

She wants that more than anything else in the world for us, to cry out to God for deliverance before we reach the point she did.  God in His mercy, gives us plenty of warnings enabling us to avoid pits, but the problem with us pit-jumpers we don’t want to hear those warnings.  We want what we want.

Jumping into the pit is by far the most dangerous and most consequential.  Motive and character are huge to God.  We were created to emulate His Character.  He looks into the heart.

  • 1 Chronicles 28:9 says:
  • “The Lord searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts.”

Some of our motive might be:

  • I wanted to steal that wallet.
  • I meant to cheat the company.
  • I wanted to go to bed with that person.
  • I wanted to have the affair.
  • I wanted to take vengeance.
  • I set out to hurt that person.
  • I went into that relationship knowing full well beliefs were different or that they had a dark side and a dark past.
  • I wanted to experience something illicit
  • I want to get drunk, get high.

Get the picture, my friend!  We recognize some of these examples or forms of them don’t we? Psalms 19:13 calls it “willful sins or blatant rebellion”. Ouch!

Beth assures us that she, “knows for a fact you can be completely set free from every sin that rules over you”.  I couldn’t agree more.  I too have been set free. Praise God.

To get there we only need:

  • Some deep repentance (a change of mind resulting in a change of direction)
  • Some marrow-deep healing

Or we will simply change right back. The name for this pit is Evil Desires.

  • A strong or passionate desire.
  • Also a “deformed desire.”  (New American Commentary)

Our desires can be tremendously unhealthy, self-destructive.

We were created out of Holy Passion for Holy Passion.

If we don’t find it in Christ, we will find it in things like lust, anger, rage, and greed.  Never under estimate the power of desire.

Ps 40:8 “I delight to do our will, O God my God:/Your Law is within my heart” (NASB)

We just don’t trust God to provide for what we think we need.  Our drive for the proverbial forbidden fruit is our innate belief that what we are denied is exactly what we want most.

Proverbs 22:14 warns, “The mouth of forbidden women is a deep pit.” (ESV)

If God forbids something, the sooner we believe and confess it’s for our sakes, the better off we will be.

Forbidden relationships never turn out well.  Never!  The pit is deep and dark.

  • Learn to associate darkness with a pit.
  • Listen to the Holy Spirit.
  • Repent and RUN!

Ephesians 4:27 warns, “Do not give the devil a foothold.”

Beth assures us, “I may walk with a Spiritual limp, but thanks be to God, who holds me up and urges me to lean on Him.  At least I can walk.  So can you-Walk away from that pit before it is the death of you.”

With love, Beth

Well fellow pit-dwellers we have our work cut out for us.  I have been set free from some of these pits but there are a couple I jump right back in.  Usually in three days I realize it and start the long hard climb back out but not always.  Like Beth said.  We enjoy doing what we want to do, well until we realize how hurtful or painful it is getting our will.

See you Wednesday for Chapter 5 Getting out of Your Pit.  A shorter chapter.  This one was long but had such good correction for us.  Until then, to God Be the Glory!








When You Slip Into A Pit

Pit-dwellers pic for blog
Join me and others as I journal from Beth Moore’s Book:  Get Out of That Pit

Today is the second way to find yourself in a pit.  Beth give us a few samples:

  • We put ourselves into one by sliding in.
  • We didn’t mean to.
  • It wasn’t planned.
  • You aren’t sure how it happened.

“This one is easy to fall back into after climbing out.” Beth informs us:

  • Can be physical-like needing to adjust a schedule.
  • Can be relational-just when you think you are out someone brings it back up

God is busy at work when we are in this pit.  He is refining and humbling us,  often breaking our wills.  Again Beth warns us:

  • Can be a pit of despair, hopelessness.

“But we who are in Christ possess the very essence-become the very embodiment-of hope.  Hopelessness means” says Beth, “we’ve believed the evil one’s report over God. 

We must put our hope in God!  If not:

  • We talk ourselves into a pit.
    • Caused by our own ignorance or foolishness.
      • We are relentlessly haunted by what could have been. Grief and sorrow.

Don’t let responsibility and guilt keep you in the pit.  God wants you out.  God has a vision for you.

You do have the power to stand up against the enemy.  

  • John 15:18-“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.
  • John 10:10-“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
Reference:  New International Version

Cry out to God. Ask Him to do as His Word says:

  • Psalms 94:18-If I should say, “My foot has slipped,” Your lovingkindness, O LORD, will hold me up.
  • Psalms 94:19-When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.
Reference:  New International Version

Trade your innocence for integrity.  Come out smartened up to Satan’s agenda.

Knowledge is a gift.

  • Ephesians 6:10-14-“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then.” New International Version

Distraction  = Stronghold

Addiction     =  Comes to live there

Destruction = Takes over

  • Recognize Satan’s work
    • Wise up to Satan-see the warning signs
    • Immediately make adjustments
    • Set up safeguard and accountability
    • Practice integrity

The last thing God wants is for us to live in fear.  1John4:4 Built in alarm- the Holy Spirit

  • Satan will back you into a corner
    • Scripture is the only way out.
    • Cry out to god until He delights your soul.
    • Don’t stop until the enemy is sorry he ever messed with you.









When You are Thrown in the Pit

Pitdweller pic for blog
Join me as I journal from Beth Moore’s book:  Get Out of That Pit.

This is a pit of innocence.  The kind believers don’t realize exists.  Beth Moore gives us some examples:

  • Sudden tragedy
  • Violent crime
  • Loved ones mental illness
  • Alcoholic of addicted family member
  • Spouse leaving after 20 years
  • Parent suddenly leaves the home
  • Life threatening disease
  • Birth of a handicapped child
  • Traumatic financial loss
  • Parent, spouse, child in Prison
  • Molestation as a child by a close relative
  • Sudden death of a sibling or child

First step:   Recognize it and talk about it. 

“Once in it you might see more clearly that it wasn’t meant to harm you or hurt you.” offers Beth.  See it clearly for what it is.  Talk with trusted advisors. It will be easier to climb back out.

Second step:   Forgive.

Beth reminds us how important this step is. “It is the only way to see the sky rather than dirt by digging deeper.”

Forgive even those who don’t care to be forgiven.

  • Humbly forgiving them for:
    • Their destructive actions.
    • The ignorance of not knowing it.
  • Without forgiving them:
    • You become bitter.
    • You become a grudge holder.
    • You become enslaved.

Forgiveness is Divine Power! 

  • “It is not a “”feeling””, it is a “”willingness””, Beth shares further
  • “It is your right as a child of God.
    • First you Will it then you will Feel it.”

Two Wrong Thinking’s Beth wants us to remember:

           1. “Its all my fault.”

  • leads to self loathing
  • I’m innocent now but what about the other times….?
    • You can be in a pit innocently even if you haven’t always been innocent
    • Ask yourself, have I done the wrong that fits the pit?
    • Satan is a master at using your own insecurity against us.  He knows the hardest person to forgive is ourselves.

2.  “It’s all God’s fault.”

  • Satan’s question to us from the garden was:
    • Is God really good?
  • Satan wants to talk us into distrusting God, distancing ourselves from Him.
    • Feelings are a wrong reflection of truth.
  • God cannot- does not wrong His Children.
  • He can’t.  Inconceivably holy, God cannot sin.
  • He has no dark side.

“God has made a plan for your life.  You are a much better person healed than you would have been well.” Beth assures us.   “Use your pit pain to help others in the pit.”

Beth ends this revealing chapter with some great words of wisdom:

“Beloved, if God allowed you to be thrown into a pit, you weren’t picked on; you were picked out.  God entrusted that suffering to you because He has faith in you.”

How about you?  I learned a lot from this chapter.  I always take the blame and fall deep into a pit of depression.  Unable to see my way out.  Are you like me?

Let me know what you are thinking so far.  See you Friday.

Life in the Pit Chapter 1


Beth Moore (Get Out of That Pit, Thomas Nelson 2007)

A pit wasn’t meant to be accepted. ”  Author Beth Moore

Is God calling you out of the pit? Not sure what a pit is? Join me as I journal Beth Moore’s book.  I too am a pit dweller, so we will be in good company.  Beth shares these three samples of pits for us:

  1.  “You FEEL stuck!”   Know you are in a pit. Acknowledge it for what it is.  You can’t get out yourself.  A pit only gets deeper.
  2. “You can’t stand up!”  Your soul has a very real enemy.  He is not flesh and blood.
    • Eph.-  6:11 Take your stand against the devil’s schemes.
    • Eph. – 6:13 Stand your ground, and after you have done everything, stand.
    • One way to know you are in a pit is that you FEEL ineffective and utterly powerless against attack. We are convinced we have nowhere to go.

Beth says:

“we will define pit this way:  A pit is an early grave that Satan digs for you in hopes he can bury you alive.”

  • He can’t make you stay.
  • God won’t make you leave.

     3.  “You’ve lost vision!” A pit is poorly lit: we can’t even see the obvious anymore.

  • We are convinced we have nowhere to go.
  • We become “stiff-necked” per the Bible.
  • Endless echo’s of self-absorption.
  • Being nearsighted, it breeds hopelessness.
  • Buried in our present state we FEEL no passion about a promised future.

Beth reminds us we were created in the image of God.

“All image-bearers of God were intended to overflow with effervescent life, stirring and spilling over with God-given vision.”

We don’t have to be in a stronghold of sin to be in a pit.

We just have to:

Feel Stuck

Feel we can’t stand up to our enemy

Feel like we have lost our vision

Well, what do you think, now?  Are you in a pit.  I know I have seen some pits in my day.  I’ve crawled out of some, but yet I still find myself on the edge of another one often.

How in the world does a person get into a pit?

How in the world does a person get out of a pit?

I think the next chapter and blog will give us more answers.  Be sure to register with WordPress to follow me and choose “by email” and you will know when the next post has come.

Keep your head up until we meet again in Chapter 2.  Feel free to share and like my blog with others. Also comment for a rich dialogue.

To God be the Glory                           With love, Shelley





When Faith’s Song Goes Silent — BLOG

Blogger Dawn Wilson posted this recently.  I love it!  I wanted to share it so more of you could appreciate it.  It is wonderful and goes alone with the theme of my blog, Resting in His Word.  Silence can and is often a part of resting.  Enjoy this shared blog.

When I think of Cynthia Ruchti, I think of hope and wisdom. It’s the hallmark of her life and ministry. In this Spiritual Growth UPGRADE, she calls us to value the unique song of silence. “What happens,” Cynthia says, “when faith’s song goes silent? Or is missing key notes? Or grates on our nerves because…

via When Faith’s Song Goes Silent — BLOG

August 8, Don’t wait

Hi there friends and blog followers.  490EUAB9I thought we would finish up our summer reading plan with Get Out Of That Pit by Beth Moore.

Here is some straight talk about God’s Deliverance that is meant for us.  There is no one like Beth Moore to give us straight talk that speaks to our hearts.

I hope you will join me  in two more days, on Monday, August 8th. I look forward to many replies and comments from you.

I have purchased the book for only $5.00 for those of you who live in SD area.  If you want a book and want to follow my blog just drop me a note and I will make sure you get a book.  Feel free to download it also and listen to it if you want.

Happy summer reading.  Can’t wait to get started with you as we journey out of the pit together.